Wholebody Resources is a practice that gets us in touch with the knowing of our body.

When we learn to listen and be moved by our body, we may experience our life in a way that enhances well-being and creates new possibilities for us both physically and mentally.

Being in our body and navigating the unknown are skills that can be developed just like learning to ride a horse, surfing, or interacting gracefully with another person.

Based on an integration of Wholebody Focusing with other somatic movement practices, Wholebody Resources is an opportunity to explore matters that desire resolution in you through a non-psychological approach. Discover shifts in how you experience your body without manual touch.

The ability to discharge stress or shift stuck and difficult patterns is paramount in today's fast moving society. Wholebody Resourcing is a process you can offer yourself when:

  • Going through stressful transitions.

  • Dealing with challenges in life.

  • Navigating physical limitations.

  • Desiring greater creative expression in life.

Through Wholebody Resources we practice listening in a way where our senses are connected to our health and environment, and not just to our brains and ideas. This indigenous way of being can offer us genuine support in how we interact with life.

This body-based process helps connect us to deeper resources which may help us take the next step forward in our life.


Wholebody Focusing est une technique d'écoute des modes d'expression corporelle favorisant le bien-être et une meilleure qualité de vie. La traduction française de Wholebody Focusing pourrait être: ressenti dans la globalité du corps.

Il arrive qu’une simple présence nous soit d’un grand secours. Aucun toucher n’est ici utilisé pour nous amener à examiner ce qui mérite attention dans notre vie.

Le corps peut s’avérer d’une sagesse exemplaire si nous le laissons nous montrer le chemin. Découvrez le savoir inné que chacun possède quand on est présent à sa vraie nature.

La méthode nous rend apte à traverser avec succès des moments difficiles, à relever des défis, ou simplement à recouvrer notre créativité.




Session Details

Sessions can take place either:

  • in person

  • by phone

  • or skype

Sessions last from 45-50 minutes.

No touch is involved.   

Please wear comfortable clothing.


Les séances durent de 45 à 60 minutes et se déroulent:

  • en personne

  • par téléphone

  • ou par Skype.