Jonathan Varghese is a Certifed Rolfer™, a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA), and a Wholebody Focusing Trainer. He is completing his osteopathic studies at the Collège d'Études d'Ostéopathiques in Montreal and is currently integrating traditional osteopathy into his professional practice.

Jonathan essentially helps people from all walks of life and ages who are dealing with injuries, physical traumas, movement limitations, growth thresholds, and life challenges.

Jonathan's approach is supported and founded on:

  • a warm-hearted presence

  • an extensively trained neutral listening

  • an appreciation for the natural gifts and resources each client brings.

Jonathan's practice involves working both hands-on and through observation to help people find their way to healthier outcomes. 

Jonathan also provides educational support and accompaniment for people who want and need to learn how to use movement as a potent medicine to support their health and develop a more functional mind-body relationship.


Jonathan Varghese est thérapeute certifié du Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®; éducateur et thérapeute somatique, membre de l'Association international d'éducation et de thérapie somatique et du mouvement (ISMETA), et formateur certifié en Wholebody Focusing du Focusing Institute. Il est en voie de compléter ses études en Ostéopathie au Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal et intègre l'Ostéopathie traditionelle dans sa pratique professionnelle.

Jonathan travaille comme thérapeute dans les domaines de la santé, de l'éducation somatique et du mouvement, autant en pratique privée qu'en institution.

Il se trouve privilégie de travailler depuis une dizaine d'années auprès d'une clientèle ayant une déficience neurologique et visuelle.

Il a également exploré divers domaines artistiques et athlétiques, et il a un penchant marqué pour la nature, les lacs et les rivières, ainsi que la montagne.



Jonathan has consistently received world-class mentorship and training that allows his health practice to be relevant, accessible, and useful for people. He was introduced to Body Mind Centering® (BMC) principles through training with Mark Taylor (former program director for the US school) over a period of four years.  Jonathan gained foundational skills to support movement development in babies, children, and adults.

Jonathan also participated in one of the first Rolf Mentorship certifications offered by the Rolf Institute® which included movement training based on the teachings of French Rolfer Hubert Godard. Jonathan first met and studied with Godard in 2007, prior to becoming a Rolfer in his own right.

Jonathan has been further influenced by long-term research with Candace Loubert (authentic movement), Caryn McHose (Somatic Experiencing), and Kevin McEvenue (Wholebody Focusing).

Music, voice, and movement have played an important role in Jonathan's life and work. Through on-going explorations over the years with creative luminaries such as Richard Armstrong, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Maud Robarts, and Albert St. Albert Smith (among others), Jonathan has developed sensibilities that allow him to accompany and support people finding their way home to their Health and deepening into this relationship.

In the movement world, he has been further inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Alexandre del Perugia, Susan Harper, David Zambrano, and Judith Koltai.

Versed in a diversity of perspectives from different lineages, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience and a multi-dimensional approach to the complementary health field.  

Jonathan has guided water and somatic movement therapy programs for more than a decade. Prior to this, he taught in the domains of physical and health, creative movement, and outdoor education all based on the principles of experiential learning.

Jonathan's health practice at Voie de la Santé is also inspired and informed from over a decade of supporting the movement potential of visually and neurologically impaired children in a rehabilitation and educational setting. His somatic approach explores the intrinsic joy, love, and health that we have as humans, no matter how sick or challenged we are.


À venir.



Inuit poem by Uvavunk. Photo by Thomas Lohr.


Poème inuit de Uvavunk. Photo de Thomas Lohr.